Synergy is working together to achieve something greater. And that’s exactly what we do. Relocation Synergy Group helps businesses and their people find opportunities in change.

Relocation Policy


Get a fresh look at your current relocation policy, along with our thorough evaluation.

Development & Design

Get a new, custom-designed policy that fits your company and its vision.


Get continuous reviews and updates in response to your changing needs – your policy in action.


Client Services

Relocation Pre-Decision Support

We can facilitate an informed decision with cost-of-living information, relocation cost estimating and additional tools to support recruiting objectives.

Management Reporting

Better data for better decision making. We’ll provide meaningful reports to help you manage your relocation program.

Audit Services

Get it right. Relocation Synergy Group will audit household goods moving invoices and real estate transactions to assure accuracy and verify compliance with policy.

Group Move Services

The more the merrier. Let us plan and implement your group move activities – including employee meetings, group orientation trips, resource centers, and more.


Expense Management Services

Expense Tracking

We’ll accurately track and report all expenses associated with the relocation program.

Management Reporting

We can audit and process employee reimbursements for relocation expenses.

Tax Compliance

We know how to assign expenses according to taxability. We also understand how to calculate gross-up amounts according to your relocation policy. And of course, you’ll get complete and timely reporting for tax payments.


Departure Services

Employee Counseling

This is the glue that holds your relocation services program together – and this is where Relocation Synergy Group stands out. Your One-Source Counselor is available any time, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Home Sale Assistance

We’ll help your employees market their homes – and offer solutions to help them reach their objectives.

Household Goods Move Management

Let us manage the entire household goods moving process including provider selection, third party services coordination, storage, insurance & claims management and more.


Destination Services

Pre-hire Assistance

Show them around. Our area orientation tours and other services are customized to each client’s needs. We even offer an on-line Customer Resource Center for gathering information on your employee’s new community.

Home Purchase Assistance

We’ll synergize with a qualified Realtor to offer support to the employee in their search for a new home.

Mortgage Assistance

We can help with pre-qualification through preferred mortgage brokers that offer custom programs for relocating employees – including negotiated closing costs, one-source mortgage counseling and other benefits.

Apartment Rental Assistance

We will set up the search through our extensive network and your employee will find the right location – with friendly, attentive service.

Interim Housing Assistance

We will coordinate the search for the best location based on your program, with a smooth transition for your employee as they get adjusted to their new surroundings.


Enabling Technology

Simple, secure, SUPERIOR.

That’s Syncomm, our powerful, web-based relocation technology system—providing enhanced communication and relocation management tools to our clients and their relocating employees.

Client Portal

Authorized client representatives may conveniently initiate relocation orders, generate ad hoc management reports, access real-time information about an employee’s relocation process, and utilize informational tools and resources.

Transferee Portal

Each transferee has a personalized site that provides relocation policy information, status of all activities, destination information and a variety of tools and resources.


International Services

Global Mobility

We provide comprehensive international relocation services to meet the complex needs of a relocation into or out of the U.S., or between countries around the world.


We provide counseling, logistics and the assistance required to remove the employee and their family from their current residence and equip them with training and resources as needed to settle them into their new life in the new location.

Service Partners

Our selected service providers are monitored by RSG to assure training, exchange of information and financial data is shared and understood by your relocating employee and family.


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